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The DLS has made many distinguished contributions to the list of APS Fellows. The number of DLS nominations chosen to be forwarded to the APS for confirmation as Fellow in a given year is typically in the range 5-10. This depends on the good judgment of the nominators and the Divisional Committee on Fellows headed by the DLS Vice-Chair, but the Committee can do nothing without nominations. This is where DLS members must come into the picture. The Executive Committee is urging all DLS members to consider whether they know of a colleague who is deserving of the prized honor of APS Fellowship. If you are uncertain about a colleague's status, consult the APS Membership Directory, where an asterisk identifies Fellows. Nominations for deserving women, minority, and foreign DLS members are especially sought. Any member can nominate any other member, and the supporting documentation is not difficult to assemble.

Gray arrow DLS Deadline for APS Fellowship Nomination: Friday, April 1, 2016
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APS Fellows Nominated by DLS  

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Alu, Andrea [2015]
University of Texas, Austin
Citation: For seminal contributions to electromagnetic theory and applications, nano optics, plasmonics, and metamaterials.

Amano, Hiroshi [2015]
Nagoya University
Citation: For pioneering the materials science and device physics leading to the invention of blue light-emitting diodes with III nitride-based semiconductor heterostructures.

Chen, Hou-Tong [2015]
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Citation: For contributions to the development of active metamaterials and devices, and the development and understanding of few-layer metamaterials and metasurfaces, especially in the terahertz frequency range.

Chen, Zhigang [2015]
San Francisco State University
Citation: For seminal contributions on spatial solitons, photonic lattices, and beam shaping, and for promoting world-class research at an undergraduate institution.

Hell, Stefan [2015]
Max Planck Institute
Citation: For pioneering contributions to the development and application of superresolved, far-field optical microscopy.

Kira, Mackillo [2015]
Philipps University Marburg
Citation: For contributions to theoretical semiconductor quantum optics.

Li, Xiaoqin [2015]
University of Texas, Austin
Citation: For contributions to quantum information, multidimensional coherent spectroscopy, nanophotonics based on AFM assembly, and spin dynamics in ferromagnetic nanostructures.