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Berti, Emanuele [2015]
University of Mississippi
Citation: For important contributions to theoretical gravitational-wave physics, including quasi-normal modes of black holes, tests of alternative theories, the links between analytic and numerical relativity, and the astrophysics of merging black holes.

Cadonati, Laura [2015]
Georgia Institute of Technology
Citation: For leadership of the gravitational-wave data analysis and astrophysics efforts of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, including work connecting numerical modeling of sources to observations with the LIGO, Virgo, and GEO detectors.

Chen, Yanbei [2015]
California Institute of Technology
Citation: For major contributions to our understanding of quantum noise in gravitational wave interferometers, for inventing the double optical spring, and for formulating a vision for experimental research on macroscopic quantum mechanics.

Coyne, Dennis [2015]
California Institute of Technology
Citation: For extraordinary engineering leadership in the construction of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) Laboratory and the Advanced LIGO Detectors.

Sigg, Daniel [2015]
Citation: For development of techniques essential to the successful high-sensitivity operation of gravitational wave detectors and leadership in commissioning the LIGO detectors.

Trodden, Mark [2015]
University of Pennsylvania
Citation: For pioneering work in theoretical cosmology and astroparticle physics, including explorations of theoretical explanations for the acceleration of the Universe.

Weinstein, Alan [2015]
California Institute of Technology
Citation: For leadership in developing and testing the new generation of gravitational wave detectors, data analysis and searches for astrophysical sources of gravitational waves, and making LIGO data available to the broader community.

Whiting, Bernard [2015]
University of Florida, Gainesville
Citation: For influential contributions to wide-ranging areas of gravitational physics, including tests of Newtonian gravity, stability of the Kerr metric, and the self-force problem.