DGRAV Student Travel Grants for APS April Meeting

The Division of Gravitational Physics (DGRAV) offers a limited number of travel grants to support the attendance of graduate students (or advanced undergraduate students) at the APS April Meeting.

The amount of each grant will be approximately $300. All students who are members of the Division of Gravitational Physics and are giving talks or presenting posters at the meeting are eligible for travel grants. Preference will be given to applicants who have not received travel grant support to the APS April Meeting from the Division in the past, but all participating DGRAV students are encouraged to submit applications. Please email applications to Geoffrey Lovelace at geoffrey4444@gmail.com.

Students are also encouraged to apply for travel grants to other APS units in addition to DGRAV, as this may help us to leverage funds to support their application.

Applications will be accepted beginning in Fall 2017 (a link will be posted on this page) and will be due in January 12, 2018, during the time of the April Meeting abstract submission deadline.

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We are currently raising funds for a permanent endowment for this program.
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