61st Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Invited Talks

 2008 Fluid Dynamics Prize (Otto Laporte Lecture)

 Julio M. Ottino Session C1.00002: The Art of Mixing with an Admixture of Art: Fluids, Solids, and Visual Imagination
Julio M. Ottino
Northwestern University
2008 Francois Frenkiel Award

 Jonathan B. Freund Session O1.00001: Leukocyte Margination in a Model Microvessel
Jonathan B. Freund
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

 2008 Andreas Acrivos Dissertation Award

 John Taylor Session O2.00001: Numerical Simulations of the Stratified Oceanic Bottom Boundary Layer
John Taylor
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Invited Speakers

 Stèphan Fauve Session D1.00001: Magnetic field reversals in turbulent dynamos
Stèphan Fauve
Ecole Normale Superieure
 Patrick Tabeling Session D2.00001: Slip, droplets, complex fluids and other small things investigated with microfluidic technology
Patrick Tabeling
 Paolo Padoan Session J1.00001: Supersonic Turbulence and Star Formation
Paolo Padoan
UC San Diego
 Harindra J.Fernando Session J2.00001: Fluid Mechanics of Urban Environments
Harindra J. Fernando
University of Arizona
 David Youngs Session K1.00001: Turbulent Mixing due to Rayleigh-Taylor Instability
David Youngs
AWE, United Kingdom
 Alec Gallimore Session K2.00001: The Physics of Spacecraft Hall-Effect Thrusters
Alec Gallimore
University of Michigan
 Elaine S. Oran Session N1.00001: Dynamics of the LTD Transition  Video
Elaine S. Oran
US Naval Research Laboratory
 James Brasseur Session N2.00001: Designing Large-Eddy Simulation of High Reynolds Number Wall-bounded Flows
James Brasseur
Pennsylvania State University