57th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Invited Talks

November 21-23, 2004
Seattle, WA

 2004 Fluid Dynamics Prize

 George Homsy

Interfacial Fluid Mechanics: Past, Present, and Future (unavailable)
George "Bud" Homsy
University of California, Santa Barbara

2004 Francois Frenkiel Award

 Michael D. Graham Interfacial hoop stress and instabilities of viscoelastic free surface flows (pdf) (0.35MB)
Michael D. Graham
University of Wisconsin-Madison
2004 Andreas Acrivos Dissertation Award

 Jacqueline Ashmore Thin-film free-surface flows (pdf) (0.6MB)
Jacqueline Ashmore
DAMTP, University of Cambridge
Invited Speakers

 Edward M. Greitzer Turbomachinery Flow from a Dyamical Systems Perspective: Physical Principles and Applications (pdf) (8.2MB)
Edward M. Greitzer
Massachusettes Institute of Technology
 Julio M. Ottino Dynamics of Segregation, Mixing, and Coarsening of Granular Matter (pdf) (8.8MB)
Julio M. Ottino
Northwestern University
 Thomas Daniel Flapping Flight From Flexing Wings: Tuning of Wing Stiffness for Insect Flight (pdf) (2.7MB)
Thomas Daniel
University of Washington
 Philippe Spalart Research Directions in Unsteady Aerodynamics (pdf) (0.54MB)
Philippe Spalart
Boeing Commercial Airplanes
 Ellen K. Longmire Break-up and Coalescence in Liquid/Liquid Flows (pdf) (2.3MB)
Ellen K. Longmire
University of Minnesota
 Peter B. Rhines Global Climate Meets Dynamics in the GFD Lab (pdf) (9.1MB)
Peter B. Rhines
University of Washington
 Morteza Gharib Optimal Vortex Formation as a Unifying Principle in Biological Propulsion (pdf) (2.9MB)
Morteza Gharib
California Institute of Technology