APS Fellowship

Fellowship in the American Physical Society is a great honor. In accordance with the APS Constitution,

"there shall be elected to Fellowship only such Members who have contributed to the advancement of physics by independent, original research or who have rendered some other special service to the cause of the sciences."

All DCP members are invited to nominate deserving colleagues as potential Fellows of the APS. Information on the APS Fellowship Program is available from the APS Fellowship page and nomination forms can also be downloaded. Nominations for the Division of Chemical Physics are due in February of each year.

Gray arrow DCP Deadline for APS Fellowship Nomination: Friday, April 1, 2016
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APS Fellows Nominated by DCP  

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Bradforth, Stephen [2015]
University of Southern California
Citation: For applying femtosecond and photoelectron spectroscopies to gain better understanding of electronic interactions that guide chemical reaction dynamics in the condensed phase.

Chergui, Majed [2015]
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Citation: For pioneering ultrafast x-ray spectroscopy, developing novel ultrafast optical spectroscopic methods that were used to answer scientific questions on molecular and biomolecular dynamics in solutions and on the charge carrier dynamics in nanoparticles.

Debenedetti, Pablo [2015]
Princeton University
Citation: For seminal contributions to fundamental understanding of metastable liquids, through creative use of statistical mechanical theory, thermodynamic analysis, and advanced computer simulation methods.

Lian, Tianquan [2015]
Emory University
Citation: For seminal contributions to the study of ultrafast photoinduced interfacial charge transfer dynamics in photovoltaic and photocatalytic nanomaterials and for pioneering applications of time-resolved spectroscopy to solving fundamental problems in solar energy conversion.

Maier, John [2015]
University of Basel
Citation: For development and application of a variety of techniques to obtain the electronic spectra of numerous transient species, ions, cluster ions, and carbon chains, especially those of astrophysical relevance.

Minton, Timothy [2015]
Montana State University
Citation: For pioneering research in hyperthermal gas-surface and gas-phase reaction dynamics.

Osborn, David [2015]
Sandia National Laboratory
Citation: For innovative research in multiplexed methods for interrogating chemical kinetics and measurements of the physical chemistry of previously elusive reaction intermediates

Suslick, Kenneth [2015]
University of Illinois, Urbana
Citation: For pioneering explorations of sonoluminescence and sonochemistry. And for providing the first measurements of conditions created during cavitation as bubbles implosively collapse.