March Meeting: Invited Symposium Nominations

Deadline for Nominations for DCMP Sponsored Symposia: August 29, 2016

Dear DCMP Members:

Please help make the APS March Meeting 2017 in New Orleans a success by submitting nominations for invited DCMP Symposia.

Submit a nomination of an Invited Symposium for the March Meeting, or find it on the main DCMP webpage.

A major role of DCMP is to organize Invited Symposia. According to DCMP bylaws, the speakers are drawn exclusively from member nominations.

It is an APS rule that invited speakers can give only one invited talk at the meeting. Additionally, only those speakers who did not give an invited talk at the 2016 meeting are eligible to give invited talks at the 2016 meeting. View a list of 2016 invited speakers.

Please create your symposium nomination, then go to the link above to enter it into the database. It requires some effort, but this work on the part of our members is essential for a first-rate program.

You must notify your speaker and session chair nominees beforehand and verify their willingness to participate, if chosen, before you submit.

Once you have completed the nomination—and will not make any more changes or additions—please click on “Complete Nomination.” This will initiate a notification email to the speakers and the chair of your nominated session to reconfirm their willingness to participate. They must respond before August 29, 2016 for your nomination to be given full consideration. Successful proposals will be selected on September 10 and organizers will be notified soon thereafter.

You will also receive a confirmation of your session nomination.

Thank you and best wishes for a successful and exciting March meeting in 2017.

Bill Halperin
Chair, DCMP

Suggestions for Creating a Successful Proposal

  1. Propose a symposium on a timely topic with five excellent talks. The program committee favors symposia with five talks, so suggesting an additional sixth talk can be helpful in the event of cancellation.
  2. Choose an appropriate title and provide a clear justification. This will aid the committee in making its decision. The speaker can revise the title later, but it is important to have the topic of the presentation stated clearly.
  3. Provide an informative abstract for each talk. This will address the central theme of the symposium and aid the committee in reaching a decision. Speakers who are invited will be asked to submit their own abstracts later.
  4. Provide references to publications. This will aid the committee in determining whether the work is current and whether it has received acceptance from the scientific community. Electronically posted pre-prints are useful, but do not have the same status as refereed publications.
  5. Enter the proposed symposium under a relevant DCMP sorting category. This will ensure that the correct subcommittee examines the proposal. Multiple submissions of a proposal are counterproductive and ineffective.