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Blagoev, Krastan [2015]
National Science Foundation
Citation: For pioneering contributions in new physics concepts to solve major problems in cancer and aging and for integrating physics principles in biology and medicine.

Chow, Carson [2015]
National Institute of Health
Citation: For the development and application of mathematical models describing a broad spectrum of phenomena related to human health, including neural perception, acute inflammatory response, and body weight dynamics.

Kolomeisky, Anatoly [2015]
Rice University
Citation: For major advances in the field of theoretical biophysics by fundamental contributions to the understanding of the mechanisms of motor proteins, cytoskeleton dynamics, protein nucleation, channel transport, and protein-DNA interactions.

Levchenko, Andre [2015]
Yale University
Citation: For pioneering experimental and theoretical studies of cellular regulatory systems, and especially for elucidating chemical and mechanical mechanisms of guidance and control of cellular motility.

Parsegian, V Adrian [2015]
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Citation: For seminal contributions to biological physics by formulating and measuring forces organizing biological molecules and driving transitions in ionic channels and macromolecules to connect molecular structure, conformation, and function.

Perelson, Alan [2015]
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Citation: For seminal contributions to the development of dynamical models of HIV infection, for elucidating therapeutic responses of HCV, and for helping found the fields of viral dynamics and theoretical immunology.

Shakhnovich, Eugene [2015]
Harvard University
Citation: For seminal contributions to the statistical physics of polypeptides, by significantly extending methods previously used for disordered systems, and for discovery of physical-chemical principles of selection of protein sequences now used as a tool for discovery of new protein sequences.

Thirumalai, Dave [2015]
Univ of Maryland, College Park
Citation: For pioneering applications of concepts from statistical mechanics and polymer physics in developing new computational tools and theoretical models that have greatly advanced our understanding of the behavior of bio-macromolecules.

Wolde, Pieter Ten [2015]
FOM Institute AMOLF
Citation: For elucidating the design principles of biochemical networks using rigorous theory and innovative computational techniques.

Yan, Jie [2015]
National University of Singapore
Citation: For outstanding contributions to the understandings of the micromechanics of DNA, protein, and their interactions using single-molecule biophysical methods.