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Dinner, Aaron [2016]
University of Chicago
Citation: For the development of nonequilibrium statistical mechanics theories that reveal general quantitative principles governing the behavior of living systems, and applications to understanding molecular, cell, and organismal scale experiments.

Endres, Robert [2016]
Imperial College London
Citation: For outstanding contributions to the understanding of the physical principles underlying sensing and signaling in biological cells.

Hristova, Kalina [2016]
Johns Hopkins University
Citation: For the development of quantitative methods to probe membrane protein interactions and to reveal the mechanism of activation of membrane receptors.

Nemenman, IIya [2016]
Emory University
Citation: For his contributions to theoretical biological physics, especially information processing in a variety of living systems, and for the development of coarse-grained modeling methods of such systems.

Neuman, Keir [2016]
National Institutes of Health
Citation: For his contributions to the development of single molecule manipulation techniques and the elucidation of the nucleic acid enzyme function enabled by these techniques.

Sun, Sean [2016]
Johns Hopkins University
Citation: For his contributions in understanding the mechanisms of biological force generation at the molecular and cellular levels, and the development of mathematical models of cell shape, cell volume, and cell motility.

Tang, Jay X. [2016]
Brown University
Citation: For applying polyelectrolyte theories to lateral association and aggregation of protein filaments and filamentous viruses, and for his research in bacterial motility, adhesion, and statistical properties of flagella motor switches.

Vergassola, Massimo [2016]
University of California, San Diego
Citation: For seminal contributions to lattice simulations of fluids and turbulent mixing, and for the application of statistical mechanics to biological problems including the "infotaxis" search strategy in turbulent environments, gene regulation, T-cell activation, and signal transduction.

Wu, Mingming [2016]
Cornell University
Citation: For her research into the biophysical and biochemical drivers that guide bacterial and animal cell migration, and the creation of single cell analysis tools.

Yu, Edward [2016]
Iowa State University
Citation: For his distinguished contributions to the field of efflux transporters, which mediate resistance to a variety of antimicrobials in bacteria, and his research into the crystallography of integral membrane proteins.