Physics Teacher Education Coalition

PhysTEC is a joint APS-American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) project to improve and promote the education of future physics and physical science teachers.
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Teacher Education in Physics
Free PhysTEC eBook download (200 pages/20MB) Format - PDF

Graduate Education in Physics
Final report for graduate physics programs

Choosing a Physics Career
Exploring the why, how, where, and what of being a physicist

Free APS Student Membership
Undergraduate and graduate students in the United States, Canada, or Mexico

Minorities in Physics
"Explore, Understand, Succeed: Physics" for minority students and parents
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Speakers Lists

Find women and minority physicists who have agreed to give colloquium and general talks to a wide variety of audiences.
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Teaching Physics Ethics

Teacher and student guides available
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College and University

PRST: Physics Education Research
Physics Research Mentor Training
Recruiting and Retaining Women in Physics
Recruiting and Retaining Minority Students
New Faculty Workshops

Physics History

This Month in Physics History
APS News monthly feature

Center for History of Physics
Niels Bohr Library and Archives

Historic Sites Initiative
Locations and details of physics events

Resources for Undergraduate Physics Faculty
Resources for Undergraduate Physics Faculty