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December 2014
Congressional Budget Bill Avoids Drastic Cuts to Science 12/15/2014
Funding for physical science research fared relatively well in the big federal omnibus-spending bill passed by Congress.
Physicist Expected to Take Charge at Pentagon 12/4/2014
President Obama has nominated physicist Ashton Carter to be secretary of defense.
November 2014
Retiring Representative Rush Holt to Take Helm at AAAS 11/21/2014
Colleagues and supporters spoke fondly of physicist-turned-congressman Rush Holt (D-N.J.) at a congressional farewell party cohosted by APS.
APS Council Unanimously Approves New Constitution & Bylaws 11/18/2014
This vote ratified the new Constitution & Bylaws as part of the Society’s corporate reform efforts.
Former APS President Honored with Medal of Freedom 11/14/2014
Former APS president, Mildred Dresselhaus of MIT, will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian award.
APS Members Vote Yes on Corporate Reform 11/12/2014
The APS corporate reform initiative passed overwhelmingly, 94% to 6%.
APS and Smithsonian Roll Out Red Carpet for The Theory of Everything 11/11/2014
APS cohosted the Washington D.C. premiere of the new Stephen Hawking biopic.
Review of APS Climate Change Statement "Going Smoothly" 11/7/2014
APS Council and Executive Board will review the APS climate change statement this month.
Head of Higgs Discovery Team to Lead CERN 11/5/2014
Fabiola Gianotti selected as CERN's new director general.
October 2014
Kokabee Petitions Delivered to Iranian Representatives to the United Nations 10/29/2014
Activists delivered petitions requesting release of imprisoned physicist Omid Kokabee.
Retrial Granted to Jailed Iranian Physicist 10/14/2014
Imprisoned Iranian physicist Omid Kokabee will be granted a retrial after spending more than three years incarcerated in Iran.
U.S. National Medal Winners include Past APS Presidents 10/9/2014
Two former presidents of APS were among the recipients of top science and engineering prizes.
2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Focuses on Optical Microscopy 10/8/2014
This year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry went to three scientists whose work surpassed the long-established resolution limit for optical microscopes.
2014 Nobel Prize in Physics for Blue LEDs 10/7/2014
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that three researchers will share this year’s Nobel Prize for Physics for their invention of blue light emitting diodes
September 2014
New Brookhaven Light Source Debuts in 2015 9/29/2014
Brookhaven National Laboratory’s new synchrotron is nearing completion.
CERN and APS announce partnership for Open Access 9/18/2014
APS and CERN jointly announce a partnership to make all CERN-authored articles published in APS journals Open Access.
APS Member Awarded MacArthur Fellowship 9/17/2014
Materials scientist Mark Hersam, who was named an APS Fellow in 2012, is one of this year’s 21 MacArthur Fellows.
Scholarship Winners Chosen by APS Committee on Women in Physics 9/17/2014
Five women were awarded Blewett scholarships this year.
August 2014
DOE Joins the CHORUS 8/19/2014
DOE will make journal articles by researchers supported by federal funding free to read after year-long embargo.
US Physics Olympians Bring Home Gold and Silver 8/5/2014
The United States placed 5th overall, bringing home three gold and two silver medals.
July 2014
New APS Mid-Atlantic Section to Meet at Penn State 7/30/2014
The newest regional section of APS will have its inaugural meeting in October.
APS Funded Outreach Groups to Unveil New Projects 7/16/2014
APS awarded several grants to APS Members to develop outreach projects.
APS Bridge Program Annual Meeting 7/8/2014
This year’s meeting focused on the role of the Master’s degree in advancing underrepresented minority students toward PhDs.
2014 APS General Election Results 7/7/2014
APS members have elected Laura Greene, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, to the office of Vice President of the Society.
June 2014
APS Member Wins 2014 Kyoto Prize 6/30/2014
Theoretical physicist Edward Witten was named one of the recipients of this year’s prestigious Kyoto Prize.
Physical Review Letters Publishes BICEP2 Paper 6/19/2014
PRL has now published a paper reporting what the authors say might be evidence for the theory of cosmic inflation.
Trial Balloon on Helium Purchasing Plan Launched 6/13/2014
APS has helped initiate a test program that will enable researchers to buy helium at reasonable cost.
Preparing Physicists for Entrepreneurship 6/9/2014
APS conference brings together physics educators to develop ways to add innovation and business training to their curricula.
Next Year’s Federal Science Budget Nears Approval 6/6/2014
Congress is moving briskly towards authorizing funding for many of the United States’ science agencies.
May 2014
2014 Kavli Prizes go to APS Members 5/30/2014
Four APS members and an APS Prize winner were among the recipients of this year’s Kavli Prize.
Controversial Congressional Science Funding Legislation Moves Forward 5/29/2014
The House Science Space and Technology committee have voted to advance the FIRST Act.
New APS Group to Serve Soft Matter Researchers 5/29/2014
APS's new Soft Matter Topical Group has been officially endorsed by the APS Council.
Particle Physics Roadmap: U.S. Should Increase Global Collaboration 5/22/2014
P5 draft report urges US to become more of an international player in high-energy physics.
U.S. Congress Wrestles over FIRST Act 5/22/2014
Representatives mounted a concerted effort to stop the controversial bill that would alter the research funding process.
APS Committee on Corporate Reform Sets Out Proposed Changes 5/19/2014
APS Council to review proposal for reforming the society's governing structure.
APS Elections Now Open 5/15/2014
Voting for the APS General Election 2014 began on May 15 and is open until the end of June.
April 2014
Andrew Sessler 1928-2014 4/21/2014
Physicist, humanitarian and former APS President Andrew Sessler passed away on April 18 at the age of 85.
APS Collecting Signatures to Free Kokabee 4/2/2014
Attendees at the APS April Meeting 2014 are asked to sign petition to free Omid Kokabee.
March 2014
Change at the top for Argonne National Laboratory 3/27/2014
Peter Littlewood becomes next director of Argonne National Laboratory.
New Webpage on APS Corporate Reform 3/13/2014
A new webpage provides background information and opportunity for member comment on APS Corporate Reform.
February 2014
Physical Review Applied Makes Its Debut 2/27/2014
The first issue of the newest APS journal is now online.
New Website for APS Journals Goes Live 2/21/2014
APS has refreshed the web pages for the Physical Review family of journals with a more mobile-friendly interactive design.
APS to Review Statement on Climate Change 2/20/2014
A subcommittee of the APS Panel on Public Affairs is reviewing the society's statement on climate change in accordance with policy.
One of Only Two Physicists in Congress to Retire 2/19/2014
Rush Holt, a physicist who has represented New Jersey for eight terms, will retire from Congress in December.
New AAPT-ALPhA Undergraduate Award 2/10/2014
AAPT recently established a new award to honor the work of students building an experiment for their advanced labs.
Former APS President Wins Top DOE Science Award 2/5/2014
Andrew Sessler received the Enrico Fermi Award from Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz.
January 2014
Air Force Proposes to Move Main Research Management Office 1/27/2014
APS calls on members to share concerns on proposed AFOSR relocation.
Congress Recognizes 40 Years of Science Fellows 1/24/2014
Congress has officially honored the 40th anniversary of the Congressional Science Fellowship program.
Recipients of the 2014 Beller Lectureship Announced 1/14/2014
Three distinguished physicists from overseas will give invited presentations at the March and April meeting.