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Guns on Campus

The right of individuals to carry guns onto the campuses of Texas colleges and universities is now the law of the land. By this one act, the government of Texas has guaranteed that the recruitment of first-rate faculty for its universities will be essentially impossible. No experienced qualified potential faculty prospect would consider any offer from any state higher education institution. Bright people do not put themselves at risk on purpose.

During my 36-year career as a university professor, if any student would have shown up carrying a gun into my classroom, I would have had him removed by campus security and permanently banned him from my class. If I were presently a faculty member of any Texas university I would now be looking for a job elsewhere. There are many much higher-paying jobs available for physicists outside of academia, and I would have no difficulty finding a job where guns are not allowed.

The stupidity of the politicians who have foisted upon us the law that allows people other than law enforcement personnel to carry guns onto the campus of any state university is beyond belief. The damage done is not repairable as long as we are ruled by stupidity instead of reason.

Tom Gray
Corpus Christi, Texas

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