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APS Redefines Length of Letters and Short Papers

In July, APS revised its system for calculating the length of a paper, no longer using the printed page as a standard unit. In an editorial published on the APS Journals website, Editor in Chief Gene Sprouse said “Technological changes have moved publishing to electronic-first publication where the print version has been relegated to simply another display mode...Therefore, in an effort to streamline the calculation of length, the APS journals will no longer use the printed page as the determining factor for length. Instead the journals will now use word counts (or word equivalents for tables, figures, and equations).”
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PRX Publishes First PapersPRX logo

In early August, APS’s new online-only open-access journal, Physical Review X, published its first five papers. In keeping with the broad scope of the new journal, the subject matter ranged from theoretical AMO physics to experimental applied physics/pharmaceutical research.
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