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Committee On Education Departmental Award
The APS Committee on Education has established a new award to recognize departments and programs that support best practices in education at the undergraduate level. Programs will be recognized for a three-year term, acknowledged on the APS website, awarded a plaque, announced in APS News, and recognized at an annual meeting. These awards are intended to acknowledge commitment to inclusive, high quality physics education for undergraduate students, and to catalyze departments and programs to make significant improvements. APS will recognize one to three programs and departments each year.
Gray arrow  Award for Improving Undergraduate Physics Education
   Application Deadline: July 15

Physics Research Mentor Training
The Physics Research Mentor Training Seminar is a facilitation guide to a training seminar for physics faculty, postdocs, and graduate students who are in mentorship roles. The guide is intended to help physics researchers improve their mentoring skills, and to improve the research experiences of the next generation of physicists.
Gray arrow  Mentor Training Workshops Training Guides

Joint NSBP and NSHP Annual Conference
The National Society of Black Physicists (NSBP) and the National Society of Hispanic Physicists (NSHP) will be having their Joint Annual Conference in Austin, Texas from September 21 to 24, 2011. The meeting is the largest gathering of African-American and Hispanic physicists in the world and is an excellent opportunity for students to present posters or oral presentations, attend professional development sessions and scientific sessions, and network with faculty and fellow students. The theme of this year’s meeting will be “Global Competitiveness Through Diversity.”

Task Force on Teacher Education in Physics
The full report of the Task Force on Teacher Education in Physics is expected to be available this summer. It is currently in the process of being edited. A printed copy of the report will be sent to all physics departments and schools of education, and a PDF version will be made freely available on the PhysTEC website.
Gray arrow   National Task Force on Teacher Education in Physics Report Synopsis

Speakers Program
The APS Speakers Lists contain names, contact information, and talk titles of physicists who are willing to give talks on a variety of subjects. Advanced searches allow one to search specifically for women and minority physicists and physics education researchers. 
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