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APS Debuts on Facebook and LinkedIn



The stereotypical physicist is not particularly socially adept. Whether or not its members fit that stereotype, APS felt it was time to take advantage of networking opportunities on the web, and recently created its own fan page on Facebook and a group on LinkedIn. Members can use these social and professional networking sites to start discussions, review articles, post comments and notices, share photos, or check APS updates, all by simply logging in and searching for “APS Physics”.

APS researched multiple social media sites before deciding where to create APS groups. “There are many intriguing sites available, but after polling some of our members, we decided to begin with Facebook and LinkedIn,” said Margaret Black, Web Content Coordinator.

As online networking begins to play a more prominent role in how scientists communicate, APS hopes these social media groups will facilitate the exchange of information from casual to technical among members. Through Facebook and LinkedIn it is easy to leap geographical and institutional boundaries, meet new colleagues, reconnect with former associates, and maintain dialogues long after APS meetings end.  

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