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March Meeting Prize and Award Recipients

A prize or award presented by the American Physical Society is one of the highest honors a physicist can receive. It is a symbol of the admiration of a physicist’s peers and demonstrates that the recipient’s accomplishments and contributions to physics are judged exceptional.

The 2008 APS Prize and Award Recipients who were presented with their awards at the March Meeting are pictured below.

March recipientsPat Garin

Front row (L to R): Jun Akimitsu, Robert C. Haddon, Karin Rabe, Arthur F. Hebard, Julia M. Phillips, Mildred Dresselhaus, Zeev V. Vardeny, Joseph Orenstein, Steven Block,  Bryce R. Gadway. Back row (L to R): David P. Landau, H. Eugene Stanley, Mitchell Feigenbaum, Kenneth S. Schweizer, Gary S. Grest, Tin-Lun Ho, Gordon Baym, Christopher Pethick, Kari Dalnoki-Veress, Bjorn Wannberg.

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