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April Plenary Speakers Set

As APS News goes to press, eight of the nine plenary lectures at the APS April meeting in Jacksonville, April 14-17, 2007, have been confirmed. The slate features many distinguished speakers on a broad range of topics. They are:
  • Steven Chu, LBL, “The Energy Problem: What Can Physicists Do?”
  • Francis Everitt, Stanford, “First Results from Gravity Probe B
  • Gerald Gabrielse, Harvard, “New Measurement of the Electron Magnetic Moment and the Fine Structure Constant
  • James E. Hansen, NASA, “The Threat to the Planet: Actions Needed to Avert Dangerous Climate Change
  • Jacqueline Hewitt, MIT, “The 21cm Background: A Probe of Reionization and the Dark Ages”
  • Shamit Kachru, Stanford, “String Theory, Branes, and, if you wish, the Anthropic Principle
  • David Spergel, Princeton, “Cosmology After WMAP
  • Steven Vigdor, Indiana,“New Results from RHIC on the Spin Structure of the Proton

Meeting attendees will be able to register online at the April Meeting starting in early November.

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