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What's in a Logo?

APS LogoHere is the new logo that the American Physical Society will begin using immediately, on stationary, business cards, various other publications and the web.  It differs from the old logo by virtue of the prominent inclusion of the word "physics."

The purpose of this addition is to make clear, to non-physicists, the essential nature of the society in a way that the name "American Physical Society" does not.

Marvin Cohen, who was APS President in November when the logo was approved by the Executive Board, says "I like the logo.  At least now when you are in an elevator at an APS meeting and someone looks at you badge, they won't as you about sports."

He is optimistic about the logo's utility.  "I think that the new logo, if used well - perhaps with tag lines -  will get us past many of the identity problems we've had.  But if the logo change doesn't work, in 2 or 3 years we may consider going forward with a full name change."  The issue of a name change to "American Physics Society" was explored via a member survey last summer, but was put on hold when legal and financial problems proved greater than anticipated.

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