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Council Passes Memorial Resolution for John Bahcall

APS President-elect John Bahcall died in August (see APS News, October 2005), and at its meeting in November, Council passed a resolution in his memory. The text of the resolution follows:

The Council of the American Physical Society notes with great sadness the death of John Bahcall of the Institute for Advanced Study. He was elected APS Vice President in 2003 with the expectation that he would become President in 2006, but in early 2005 he recognized that he would be unable to continue to serve. He was a leader in many areas of astrophysics: providing models for the sun and the neutrino flux from it, for the structure of galaxies, and for quasars and the intergalactic medium. In addition he played a leadership role in promoting significant astrophysical projects such as the Hubble Space Telescope. Among his many awards are the Wolf Prize, the National Medal of Science, and the APS Hans Bethe Prize. The Council expresses its deep appreciation for his participation in the work of the Society and conveys its sincere sympathy to his family and to his many close friends and admirers worldwide.

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