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The Back Page article of the May APS News, entitled "Einstein, Ethics and the Atomic Bomb" contained an error which was introduced in the editing process, and was not the fault of the author, Patricia Rife.

A sentence which should have read "Elections in Germany brought Adolf Hitler into the position of Chancellor, approved by President Hindenburg, to lead the Third Reich," appeared in print as "Adolf Hitler was elected Chancellor and approved by President Kaiser Wilhelm to lead the Third Reich."

APS News regrets the error, and apologizes both to our readers and to Dr. Rife. The complete version of Dr. Rife’s article, which was too long for the printed version, appears on the web

APS encourages the redistribution of the materials included in this newspaper provided that attribution to the source is noted and the materials are not truncated or changed.

Editor: Alan Chodos
Associate Editor: Jennifer Ouellette
Staff Writer: Ernie Tretkoff