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Reborn Nicholson Medal Stresses Mentorship

Dwight R. Nicholson
Photo Credit: Iowa University Relations
Established in memory of Dwight R. Nicholson of the University of Iowa, who died tragically in 1991, and first given in 1994, the APS Nicholson Medal has been reborn this year as an award for human outreach. According to the information contained on the Medal's web site, the Nicholson Medal for Human Outreach shall be awarded to a physicist who either through teaching, research, or science-related activities,
  1. has demonstrated a particularly giving and caring relationship as a mentor to students or colleagues, or has succeeded in motivating interest in physics through inspiring educational works; or
  2.  has created special opportunities that inspire the scientific development of students or junior colleagues, or has developed programs for students at any level that facilitated positive career choices in physics; or
  3. has successfully stimulated the interest and involvement of the general public in the progress of physics.

In redesigning the purpose of the Medal, the APS Executive Board wanted to emphasize the importance of mentorship in maintaining the health and diversity of the physics profession. Nominations are now being sought for the first presentation of the medal under its new set of criteria. Nominations should be sent to the chair of the selection committee, William Gelbart of UCLA. Further details of the nomination process are available on the Medal's web site.

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