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APS Meetings Policy Boosts Non-Technical Contributions

A little-known policy governing contributed papers at the March and April meetings can allow authors to submit both technical and non-technical work to different sessions.

Because of the large number of abstracts that are submitted, it is APS policy that "a first author may present only one contributed abstract for the regular program." There is an exception, however, "if the second contributed abstract is of a non-technical nature, and is submitted for a session of broad concern to the physics community sponsored by an APS Forum or Committee."

In a recent call for papers, the Forum on the History of Physics (FHP) notes that for the first time it is organizing contributed sessions at both March and April meetings. The FHP Executive Committee hopes the rule will encourage attendees to submit abstracts not only on the subject of their current research, but also on physics history. "What do you get out of this?" the FHP call for papers asks. "The chance to sound off!"

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