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"I always advised friends to take the [Strategic Defense Initiative] money and do some useful physics with it instead of seeing it wasted."
-Peter Zimmerman, King's College London, Village Voice, September 10-16, 2003

"What we were doing was creating a bright background template to differentiate incoming ICMs. The work was very valuable scientifically and good for the country and defense. I think there's nothing wrong with that kind of research."
-Douglas Osheroff, Stanford University, on SDI research, Village Voice, September 10-16, 2003

"The University of Arizona's biggest strength is the involvement of every undergraduate student who wants to be in frontline research in physics."
-J.D. Garcia, University of Arizona, on UA's being chosen as a "thriving physics program", Arizona Daily Star, September 23, 2003

"That would be the same as if all you can do with wood is burn it for energy. It's remarkably crude. Having a more sophisticated understanding of the nucleus, we'll be able to do more sophisticated things with it."
-Lawrence Weinstein, Old Dominion University, Newport News Daily Press, September 7, 2003

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