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Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science

Top 10 (±2) Physics Pick-Up Lines (in randomized order)

By the University of Wisconsin-River Falls Society of Physics Students

man in bar waving to attract attention
" "A! U! (Au) Goldie! Over here!"

  1. You x Me = Love

  2. I want to sum the forces to your heart!

  3. What's a nice girl/guy like you doing in a n-dimensional space like this?

  4. Let's take a ride down the Quantum Tunnel of Love!

  5. The reduced x2 of your beauty is zero compared to the theoretical model!

  6. I'm trapped in the potential well of your gaze!

  7. Your love is at my fundamental frequency!

  8. In the integrated circuit of our relationship, there are no resistors, only capacitors!

  9. Your B aligns my spin toward you, babe!

  10. equation

  11. The size of my love creates a gravitational field that attracts only you!

  12. I want you to diagonalize my inertia tensor!

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