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APS Creates Email Alias System

APS members who struggle with constantly updating their email addresses as they change employment will be pleased to learn that the Society will now provide all active members with an electronic mail alias to be used for forwarding email to a personal email (target) account. The target account of the alias can be changed at any time, allowing the member to switch email providers, employers or account names without the need to notify multiple contacts of the new email address.

Tracy Alinger, Director of Information Technology, stresses that the service is not an email account. Messages are not stored by the APS, but rather passed through to an email account specified by the member. "This allows a member to permanently maintain an email address of [name]@mailaps.org, as long as that individual remains an APS member," she says, adding that the Society will not sell such email address lists or allow them to otherwise be used for commercial purposes.

To establish an email alias with the APS, visit Member Services. (Have your APS membership number handy.) Alternatively, members may call the APS Membership Department at (301) 209-2180.

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Editor: Alan Chodos
Associate Editor: Jennifer Ouellette