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NRC Invites Member Input for Survey

The National Research Council is seeking the input of the physics community for a survey it is conducting under the auspices of its Board on Physics and Astronomy. The present survey is intended to provide a broad overview of the field of physics, as a complement to the volumes published thus far in the series, covering atomic, molecular and optical science; cosmology; plasma science; elementary particle physics; nuclear physics; condensed matter and materials physics; and gravitational physics.

Comments should be directed to bpa@nas.edu. The Overview Committee is particularly interested in such issues as the support of research in universities and laboratories, international trends in physics, and science education and training, as well as the impact of physics on biomedical sciences, environmental science, the economy, information science, and national security. More information about the project can be found online at www.nas.edu/bpa/projects/physicssurvey/overview.

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