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Centennial: Prominent Physicists CD-ROM

CD Rom of physicists

In 1997, the APS convened a Task Force to develop a collection of portraits of physicists to be available at the time of the APS centenary. Members of the Task Force were Andrew Sessler, Gerald Holton, Stephen Brush and Spencer Weart. The collection was initiated both to provide a pictorial history of distinguished physicists throughout the last century and to help to illustrate talks given by speakers included in the Centennial Speakers booklet.

The approximately 200 portraits of physicists selected for the collection have been compiled onto a CD-ROM. The collection is indexed alphabetically and includes birth and death dates, in addition to a short description of the subject's contribution to physics.

The collection will be mailed to all speakers in the Centennial Speakers booklet and will be available for purchase at the Centennial Celebration and Meeting in Atlanta.

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Editor: Barrett H. Ripin