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Plenary Speakers Selected for APS Centennial

The APS Centennial Meeting to be held in Atlanta, Georgia, next March will feature, plenary sessions with world-renowned scientists addressing a wide range of topics of general interest. They are listed below.

  • Steven Weinberg, University of Texas, Austin, "Physics of the Very Large and Very Small"
  • Harold Varmus, National Institute of Health, "Impact of Physics on Biology and Medicine"
  • Joel Birnbaum, Hewlett-Packard, "Physics and the information Revolution"
  • Mary Good, Venture Capital, "Physics and Technology"
  • Richard Smalley, Rice University, "Physics and Materials"
  • Martin Klein, Yale University, "20th Century Physics and its Cultural Impact"
Up-to-date Centennial events and meeting information will be posted on the Centennial Web page from now through 1999. It can be accessed from the APS homepage www.aps.org or directly at www.aps.org/centennial.

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