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Three APS Constitutional Amendments Approved

The 1997 ballot also included three constitutional amendments, approved by the APS Council upon recommendation of the APS Committee on Constitution and Bylaws. All three were approved by more than 80% of the votes cast. Specifically, the stated APS objective was amended to better articulate the Society's concern for science education and public affairs and to include activities in those areas. Article II of the Constitution now reads, "In the firm belief that an understanding of the nature of the physical universe will be of benefit to all humanity, the Society shall have as its objective the advancement and diffusion of the knowledge of physics."

The remaining two amendments concerned the value of the variable (X) as it applies to units losing representation on Council. The first (Article VIII) was intended to stabilize the Council representation of several APS units with membership levels that fluctuated near the value of X, which is 3% of the total APS membership. The second (Article IX) applies the same policies to the APS geographical sections. For details see APS News, February and June 1997.

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