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Lettieri Promoted to APS Membership Department Manager

Patricia (Trish) Lettieri was promoted to APS Membership Department Manager in October. Trish replaced Mary Pat Paris, who joined TMA/Resources after four years with the APS. Trish has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and has been working with professional associations since 1989. In 1993 Lettieri was hired as the APS Membership Marketing Coordinator and then promoted to Membership Supervisor the following year.

One of her goals now as head of the Membership Department is to improve and expand APS membership benefits. She is working closely with the APS Committee on Membership to develop more services for members.

Lettieri hired a new Membership Supervisor, Donna Greene, to fill the position she vacated. Together they will be working to ensure the best possible customer service for APS members.

"I have a great membership staff and hope to accomplish a lot with them. The new anniversary billing system is working well and memberships continue to be processed throughout the year," Lettieri said. "I expect our membership to show growth over the next year as we lead into the Centennial celebration."

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