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APS To Discontinue BITNET Service

As of June 30, 1995, the APS will no longer be part of the BITNET network. This means that if APS members wish to send email, including compuscripts (electronic manuscripts), to the Society, they will no longer be able to use the BITNET address "APSEDOFF." Instead, you must use our Internet address "aps.org". So, for example, if you want to send a manuscript via email to PRL, you must use the address "prl@aps.org". If your organization is only connected to BITNET, you can still send email to the Society, at aps.org, by using the same means that you use to send to other Internet sites.

The APS became part of the BITNET network in 1987. At that time, connectivity to the Internet was not common and BITNET (Because It's Time NETwork) filled the electronic communications needs for many academic organizations. In 1991, the Society established its direct Internet connection that allowed the APS to provide additional electronic services such as FTP and World Wide Web. "Our BITNET link permitted the use of email which fueled the rapid growth in electronically submitted manuscripts," said Pete Bellacera, computer services manager for the APS Journal Information Systems Department. "BITNET has served us well, but we now find that maintaining the hardware and software for two overlapping email systems is no longer practical."

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Editor: Barrett H. Ripin