Communication and Negotiation Skills Seminar for Women

With support from NSF, APS has trained nine women physicists to host professional skills seminars for students at APS-sponsored meetings and at universities and institutions. Students may request a seminar by emailing 


This seminar focuses on professional skills that students need to effectively perform research, including: negotiating a position in academia, industry or at a national lab, interacting positively on teams and with a mentor or advisor, thinking tactically, articulating goals, enhancing their personal presence, and developing alliances. The seminar leaders discuss negotiation strategies and tactics that are useful for achieving professional goals. This is a highly interactive workshop where participants are invited to bring examples of difficult professional situations to discuss. 

Seminar Leaders

Susan Blessing, Florida State University
Karen Daniels, North Carolina State University
Kawtar Hafidi, Argonne National Laboratory
Allena Opper, National Science Foundation
Kathy Prestridge, Los Alamos National Laboratory 
Pearl Sandick, University of Utah
Donna Stokes, University of Houston 
Josee Vedrine-Pauleus, University of Puerto Rico 
Sherry Yennello, Texas A&M University

Broader Goals 

The broad goal of the Professional Skills Development Workshops and the associated seminars is aimed at empowering individuals to thrive in physics. The primary objective is to increase the knowledge of professional skills within the female physicists that participate, and the seminar  leaders will provide participants with the tools to thrive, and impress upon them the need to be visible and share this new knowledge with other female colleagues.  It is very important that we encourage these women to believe in themselves and their talents and to share what they have learned with others in the community.  It is only through empowerment of an increasing number of women that we can create meaningful and long lasting change in the physics community. 
For more information or to request a seminar, contact