Letter from CSWP Past Chair

Dear Colleague:

In 1990, the Conference of Physics Department Chairs asked the APS and AAPT to recommend ways to encourage the full participation of women in physics. In response, the two organizations carried out an NSF-funded study of the environment for women at fifteen physics departments. The final report of this study highlights the conditions that foster the success of female physicists, and gives recommendations on how to improve conditions that are barriers for women in physics departments. Participating departments have found the recommendations to be valuable for attracting and retaining talented women.

The original study of fifteen departments is now complete. However, the APS Committee on the Status of Women in Physics (CSWP) believes that the benefits of the study should be extended to as many departments as possible, and has elected to expand and continue the site visits program. The APS is willing to provide partial support (up to $500) for a limited number of additional visits. Any physics department in the U.S. is eligible to participate in the program. Please take a moment to read about the elements involved in the site visit process including costs and procedures.

CSWP encourages you to take advantage of this opportunity to enhance the success of your female students and faculty. Your department, and our profession as a whole, will benefit from the talent that these women bring to physics. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of hosting a site visit, please contact Sue Otwell (301-209-3231 or women@aps.org) for further information.


Laurie McNeil, 1997 CSWP Chair

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill