CSWP Responds to Harvard University President’s Comments
Letter sent by CSWP to the New York Times (2005) in response to statements made by Lawrence Summers, President of Harvard University, 2001-2006.

"What Works for Women in Undergraduate Physics" (2003) 
B. Whitten, et al. Results of site visits to nine undergraduate physics departments with high participation of women (2003).

Pasadena Recommendations from the AAS Committee on the Status of Women (2005) 
Use these recommendations to help your academic department promote gender equity in hiring and promotion.

Balancing Work and Family Life

Faculty Diversity: Too Little for Too Long (2002)
Harvard Magazine. March-April 2002. Women and minorities continue to be underrepresented as faculty members at colleges and universities.

Dual-science career couples: problems and solutions (1998) 
A report on a 1998 survey of couples trying to find two science jobs in a given geographic location.

Dual-Career Academic Couples: What universities need to know (2008) 
Report from the Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research, Stanford University offering analysis and suggestions regarding life in academia.

MIT Reports on the Committees on the Status of Women Faculty 
Reports regarding the status of women faculty at MIT, including initiatives for change.
Gray Arrow 1999 report
Gray Arrow 2002 report
Gray Arrow 2011 report