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The Committee on the Status of Women in Physics (CSWP), one of the committees of the American Physical Society (APS), welcomes you to WIPHYS, its electronic mailing list.

The WIPHYS list is dedicated to the discussion of issues involving women in physics. We believe an electronic forum offers unique possibilities to assist in creating an atmosphere of cooperation, mentoring, and support in a field where women are a minority, and thus often feel quite isolated. It also enhances our ability to offer services to our constituency. WIPHYS was "officially" started in January 1993, and now has over 800 subscribers.

Examples of WIPHYS of Postings

  • Discussion of issues involving women in physics
  • Announcement of government or privately sponsored programs designed to aid in establishing the careers of women scientists
  • Postings of job listings
  • News about women in physics
  • Online mentorship
  • Information on women's events at APS meetings (postings on informal and planned dinners, receptions, sessions)
  • Advice on teaching (suggestions for textbooks, discussion of different learning styles)

How to Post a Job Opening

  • Email wiphys@aps.org the job title and opening URL
  • Job openings are posted once free of charge
  • Although the moderator may accept complete job listings, sending a listing rather than a title and URL will result in revision by the moderator and possible error

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