Museum Academia Workshop

APS sponsored an workshop on museum-academia partnership. If you would like to learn about successful ongoing partnerships or if you would like to learn ways to start your own, you can download the presentations from the workshop. All presentations are pdf files.

SEPA Science Education Partnership
Workshop on University Science Center Partnerships Encourages and supports the interactions of scientists and clinicians with educators, community organizations and science centers to: increase the participation of young people in clinical and basic research careers.

Cooks Partnership
Cell Universe: Partnering in a SEPA Project that includes University-based scientists advising on science content and a graduate student internship program.

Informal Stem Education
Museum–University Collaborations, strategic issues and transformative work.

Kentucky Health Education Rural Outreach Scientists (KY-H.E.R.O.S.)
KY-H.E.R.O.S. collaborate with Kentucky scientists doing breakthrough research and share their stories with the public.

How Young Can We Go With Nano?
Nanotechnology and materials science can be used to explore fundamental science and engineering concepts with cutting edge research which requires cutting edge educational approaches.

Developing an Infrastructure of Partnership
Partnerships to support the engagement of scientists and engineers in education and outreach for a broad impact.

RainTable - EVL & Minnesota Science Museum
Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) big screens and shared experiences creates advanced display systems for museums and galleries around the world.

NSF Division of Materials Research (DMR)
DMR has many educational programs including NanoExpress – a mobile trailer with a fully functional Nano Science and Technology Lab that takes cutting edge science to school children and public.