2011 Accepted Outreach Proposals

Brief Summaries of Accepted Proposals 

Einstein in Your iPhone: Tracing the Thread from Basic Research to Consumer Technology
“Suite of 10 minute web-ready video-casts that unveil the historical origins of familiar modern technology, following the thread of investigation from foundational discovery to selected present-day applications, as well as speculating how current basic research might lead to similar transformative technologies in the future."

Physics Parody Project: Website and Contest
“Engage and promote physics in K-12 as well as in the general public by creating fun, entertaining and educational internet-based and social networked venues for creating, sharing and promoting physics parody media… a national contest will be announced for the best physics parody media in various physics subjects and media categories”

Hispanic Physics Radio Education Project
“A series of educational radio vignettes that introduces Hispanic audiences to physics concepts and Hispanic researchers. The series will explore physics concepts such as cosmology, gravitation, relativity, solar, particle and nuclear physics, and materials science. Radio programs in the series, which will also be delivered as podcasts for wider distribution, will be designed in close contact with Hispanic researchers and will promote interest in physics as a career path for Hispanics"

Full Body Physics
“The Full Body Physics Project will bring together classroom physics teachers, game developers, and instructional technology specialists to create a highly interactive, physics-based video game experience that teaches while it entertains…To make the experience truly interactive, we will utilize the latest video game technology and immersive game play: Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect.”
Gray arrow  NIU Students Help Develop Xbox Game to Teach Students About Subatomic World

Flip for Physics: Student Created Videos of Science Role Models and Careers
“An innovative program to connect Chicago-area school students with local physicists…We will provide the incentive, materials, and institutional connections to enable students to design and produce videos on the physics-related research conducted here at Northwestern University, Argonne National Lab, Fermi Lab, local science museums, and local industry… face-to-face interviews will facilitate the students creating personal connections with scientists from diverse backgrounds. Students will enter their videos into a competition based on creativity and expression.”

Directed Challenges: The Science of Everyday Materials
“Organize science challenges for area high school students on a focused topic, with a view to exploring interesting phenomena that relate directly to everyday objects and materials familiar to students…Our plan is to have the final projects evaluated by area scientists at a culminating event, with the winning projects destined to become new exhibits at the Springfield science museum.”

WhySci? Website
The funding climate for scientific research, while always difficult, grows ever more tempestuous as evidenced by campaigns such as YouCut Citizen Review. In order to address this challenge and stimulate a constructive and informative dialogue between scientists and the public, the creation of the WhySci website is proposed. The concept of the WhySci website is an upbeat and visually appealing site containing a collection of two-paragraph "research summaries." Each of theses statements will describe a research project and its implications and will be written by a scientist for a non-scientific audience.