Requirements for Fellowship Nomination

To complete this form, you will be asked to supply the following information:
  1. The name of the nominee (the system will retrieve the relevant contact information from the membership directory)
  2. The division, topical group or forum best qualified to assess the nomination
  3. A suggested citation (maximum 300 characters)
  4. A supporting paragraph (maximum 2500 characters)
  5. Nominee's principal publications (at most 8)
  6. Nominee's other contributions (invited talks, patents, professional service, etc.)
  7. Nominee's academic background
  8. Nominee's employment background
  9. Nominee's professional honors
  10. Your name and email address
  11. Your letter of support (uploaded as a pre-saved document)
  12. The name and email address of a co-sponsor
  13. Additional letters of support (at most 2 beyond yours and the co-sponsor's)
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