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Mentoring Undergraduate Physics Research

The Physics REU Leadership Group is committed to enhancing undergraduate student research experiences through cooperative engagement of the Physics REU site directors.

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Summer Research Programs

Common Features of Summer Research
What features do PRLG member sites share? How do they make the recruiting and hiring process run smoothly? How do they help their undergraduates get the most out of the summer experience? Check out these common features/practices.

Physicist Mentor Programs

Connecting Physicists and Undergraduates
The Physics Research Mentor Training Seminar is a facilitation guide to a training seminar for physics faculty, postdocs, and graduate students who are in mentorship roles.

The Research Mentor Training Guide is intended to help physics researchers improve their mentoring skills, and to improve the research experiences of the next generation of physicists.
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Physics REU Leadership Group (PRLG)

Lending Your Wisdom and Time
All Physics REU site directors or their representatives are all members of the PRLG. Other undergraduate research program directors (for example from DMR or Astronomy) can also join the PRLG. Initiatives funded under NSF grants to the Physics REU Leadership group may be restricted to those members funded by the same program.

PRLG Email List
Anyone interested in discussing issues associated with the REU program can be an affiliate member and can participate in the Physics REU email discussions. (