MSI Travel Support

APS and AAPT anticipate supporting minority-serving institutions (MSI) that are interested in strengthening their physics program, and are offering a limited number of stipends of up to $800 to qualified institutions to support travel and registration to the conference and workshop.

Minority-Serving Institution application for travel support

1. Name of Institution

2. Name(s), department(s), and title(s) of person(s) requesting support
3. Please describe current recruitment and retention efforts at your physics program.
4. Please describe how attending the conference and workshop will help you improve your physics program, being as specific as possible.
5. Please add any additional information you would like us to consider. 

Submit your answers in the body of an email to with the subject “Application for MSI travel support to 2013 Department Chairs Conference and Distance Education Workshop”.

We anticipate being able to provide support for travel grants to minority serving institutions in the US through a grant from the National Science Foundation.