Presentations from 2006 Conference

Session I: Graduate Education
Session II: Ethics Education
Session III: Physics Department's Role in Improving K-12 Physics Teaching
Panel Presentation
  1. John Markert, University of Texas at Austin
  2. Eugenia Etkina, Rutgers University
  3. Noah Finkelstein, University of Colorado, Boulder
  4. Ted Hodapp, American Physical Society
Breakout Sessions I
  1. Undergraduate Curriculum Issues - Introductory Courses
  2. Graduate Curriculum Issues
  3. Concerns of Small Departments - Attracting and Retaining Majors
  4. Fostering & Managing Interdisciplinary Research & Education
Breakout Sessions II
  1. Undergraduate Curriculum Issues - Upper Level Courses
  2. Recruitment & Retention of Graduate Students
  3. Concerns of Small Departments - Justifying the Department's Existence
  4. Improving Education of Teachers - What can a Department Do?
  5. Faculty Recruiting - Graduate Institutions
Session IV: Looking Forward I
Session VI: Diversity Issues