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Energy & EnvironmentThe American Physical Society considers a technically sound national energy policy (Statement 00.3), rooted in reducing America's dependency on fossil fuels and foreign sources of energy, essential to maintaining a robust economy and a healthy environment (Statement 05.3). APS views nuclear energy as a significant option for reducing pollution while meeting the world's expanding energy needs (Statement 93.7). Renewable sources of energy such as solar & wind, among others, need to be researched and developed further to help meet the world demand for energy. The Society urges continued and diversified investments in energy research and development, as well as policies that promote efficiency and innovation in the energy sector.

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Critical MineralsAPS Co-Sponsored Webinar on Critical Minerals
APS pleased to announce its co-sponsorship of a free webinar titled, Underpinning Innovation: The Science and Supply of America's Critical Minerals and Materials, which is part of the American Geosciences Institute's Critical Issues Program.
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Liquid Helium Purchasing ProgramNew APS-ACS Test Program for Liquid Helium Purchasing
APS is partnering with the American Chemical Society (ACS) and DOD's Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to improve reliability and affordability of liquid helium for researchers.
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Helium IssuesHelium Issues
Helium is essential for achieving the extremely cold temperatures required by many current and emerging technologies as well as for advanced scientific research.
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POPA to review APS Climate Change StatementClimate Change
The APS Panel on Public Affairs is currently conducting a review of APS Statement 07.1 - Climate Change, in compliance with the Panel's annual statement review protocol.
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