APS can assist you with your newsletters. We can provide layout, design, pagination, printing, and mailing services.

Printed Newsletters, Flyers, and Posters

Utilizing Layout/Design Services

Please include the following information in your request:

  • Text: Must be received electronically by email (preferably as an attached document). Please avoid adding any special formatting (i.e. tabs, centering, extra carriage returns and all caps.).
  • Photos/Graphics: You may include photos in your newsletters or ballot bios. Send photos electronically with any necessary copyright information.
  • Quantity: We will get a current count of your unit from the membership department. If you need extra copies, please indicate the additional quantity we need to order.
  • Folding Preference: If possible, we recommend a self-mailing format to eliminate the need for envelopes. If you choose to use an envelope, please indicate if you want the newsletter folded to fit in a standard size envelope (#10), a 6 in. x 9 in. envelope (in half) or a 9 in. x 12 in. envelope (flat). Mailing in a #10 envelope is less expensive than using a larger envelope.
  • Target Date for Delivery: Let us know when you want the piece to reach your members. (See timelines below.)
  • Postage Type: Please indicate if you want to mail at first-class or third-class (bulk) rates. (See Mailing/Postage for more details.)

Camera (Ready to Print) Materials

This includes any item that you have prepared and want us to print for you. Follow same procedures as above.

A pagination and Production Timeline

  • Design: Please allow two weeks for the initial design of your publication/newsletter. Subsequent newsletters that we produce for you will take less time (about one week).
  • Printing: (7-10 days)
  • Mail House Services: (1 week)
  • Delivery: (1 week for 1st class mail, 3 weeks for 3rd class mail)

Mailing and Postage

You have the option of using either 1st class mail or 3rd class mail.

  • 1st Class Mail: Is the fastest way to send your material, but it is also expensive.
  • 3rd Class Non-Profit Mail: This is the least expensive way to send your material, but it can take up to 3 weeks for delivery to all members. Please note that some mail rooms at science labs and universities will not deliver 3rd class mail.

Postage rates change often, so contact us for updated rates. We recommend ballots be sent via 1st class mail.

Email Newsletters

To email your newsletter, send your message to

Gray Arrow Email Guidelines

Web Newsletters

To have your newsletter posted on an APS-hosted unit website, email the text and images to the APS webmaster at If a print version of the newsletter is created by APS and you would like a PDF version posted on the website, please include this in your print request. When the PDF version is available, the designer will send it to the webmaster for posting. Please allow one to two weeks for production of an online newsletter.