Virtual Pressroom 2005

The April Meeting of the American Physical Society (APS) covers the extremes of the size scale: quarks and nuclei at the one end, and galaxies and the cosmos as a whole at the other end . . . General Press Release (pdf)

April meeting press events will take place in Tampa, Florida at the Marriott Hotel. The pressroom will be in room 2 while press conferences will be held in room 3 . . Press Conferences (pdf)

APS Public Lecture: "Einstein's Biggest Blunder: A Cosmological Mystery," April 18, 7:30 PM, Marriott Waterside, Grand Salon C.  Physicist and best-selling author Lawrence Krauss discusses Einstein's famous 'blunder' and the insight it now provides into dark energy and the expansion of the universe . . . Public Lecture at the April APS Meeting (pdf)

Contact Information:

Ben Stein
American Institute of Physics
Phil Schewe
American Institute of Physics