APS April Meeting 2017

APS April Meeting on Twitter

Whether you’re attending or just following the meeting from home, you can keep up with all the action and connect with other meeting attendees on Twitter.

Twitter Account: @APSMeetings
Official Hashtag: #apsapril

Official Tweetup

Friday, April 15
7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Location: Destinations Lounge, Salt Lake Marriott Downtown
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FlatCat (aka FlatSchrödinger)

Introducing FlatCat (aka FlatSchrödinger)!

  1. Print your own or pick up your FlatCat at the APS April Tweetup or APS Membership Booth.
  2. Snap pics of FlatCat during the meeting attending talks, special events, and exploring the city. Get creative!
  3. Tweet your pics to #flatCat
  4. Follow FlatCat's April Meeting adventures on Twitter.