APS April Meeting 2017

Presentation Upload Information

The APS April Meeting 2017 presentation management website will be open soon.

Once open, all presenters must submit their slides to the presentation management system. Except in extreme cases, the use of personal laptops for presentations is prohibited. You may submit your presentation now and/or during the meeting. You should submit your presentation AT LEAST four hours before your scheduled session. See detailed presenter information below.

Upload Information

Please read the guidelines on the presentation management website before uploading your presentation. If you need assistance or have any questions about uploading your presentation, please email support@sessionupload.com.

File Formats
The presentation upload system supports the following presentation file types:

  • PowerPoint
  • PDF
  • Word Documents
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Quicktime movies
  • Keynote users should save their presentation in PowerPoint format

After submitting your presentation, you will receive a confirmation email within an hour. If you do not receive a confirmation, please email support@sessionupload.com to ensure your file was received. Please include APS April Meeting 2017 and your name in the email.

Editing Your Presentation
If you need to make changes to a presentation that you submitted, you may resubmit the presentation using a new filename. Be sure to delete the earlier submission.

It's strongly suggested you review your presentation before your session. Visit the Speaker Ready Room on-site at the meeting.

Backup Your Files
Although we take every precaution to ensure files are not corrupted during the file upload, it is always recommended that you bring a backup of your presentation on a USB to the meeting.

Presentation Information

Presenter Mode
All presentations may be run in Microsoft PowerPoint presenter mode, which allows you to view your speaker notes privately while presenting only your slides to the audience. For more information on Microsoft PowerPoint presenter mode, please visit the PowerPoint website.

If you have questions regarding the file you would like to upload or general technical inquiries, please contact support@sessionupload.com. You may also upload your presentation from the Speaker Ready Room at the April Meeting.