APS April Meeting 2018

APS April Meeting 2018
Meeting Schedule

A full schedule of events will be posted this winter.

Schedule at a Glance


Plenary Sessions

A Feynman Century (Kavli Session)
Saturday, April 14

Joan Feynman, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
On Being Feynman’s Curious Sister

Chris Monroe, University of Maryland
Quantum Computing

Roxanne Springer, Duke University

Plenary 2
Monday, April 15

Njema Frazier, National Nuclear Security Administration, DOE

Anne Archibald, Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy
Tests of General Relativity Using a Pulsar in a Triple System  

Marcelle Soares-Santos, Brandeis University
Discovery, Characterization, and Physics Implications of the Electromagnetic Signatures of GW170817

Nobel Prize & APS Medal Winners
Wednesday, April 16

Eugene Parker, University of Chicago

Rainer Weiss, MIT

Barry Barish, Caltech