Saturday, January 28
12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Harding Room
Gray Arrow Session B21

Who Should Attend?
Those who identify as gender sexual minorities, as LGBTQQIAAP+, and friends of the community.

The LGBT+Physicists group welcomes all interested attendees to participate in a roundtable discussion on improving the professional and educational climate within physics with particular attention to those those who identify as gender and sexual minorities (LGBTQQIAAP+). The session will focus on the ongoing implementation of the recommendations from the report entitled "LGBT Climate in Physics: Building an Inclusive Community," which was released at the APS March Meeting in 2015. We will discuss strategies for both APS-led and grass roots organizing aimed at improving support for physicists at different career stages and in diverse environments, including academia, industry and the public sector. Allies are especially welcome at this event to learn how they may help to support and mentor LGBT+ physicists and how the proposed actions can help improve the climate for a broad cross-section of physicists with intersecting minoritized identities within our field.

Not required.