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Heating Coffee by Yelling
Heating Coffee by Yelling

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Beautiful and interesting images from recent physics projects are highlighted on the APS home page.
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Watching your favorite movie on DVD. Surfing the web for an elusive piece of information. Saving time and scanning your own barcodes in the self check-out at the grocery store. Without the work of scientists 50 years ago to create the laser, we wouldn’t have these and countless other technologies today. The first laser was successfully operated in 1960. This milestone marks one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century – one that has revolutionized the way we live.

World Year of Physics Archive

The World Year of Physics (WYP 2005) was a worldwide celebration of physics and its importance in our everyday lives. WYP 2005 aimed to raise the worldwide awareness of physics and physical science.

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Livingston and Lawrence with magnet of their 37-inch cyclotron

Historic Sites Initiative
Learn about locations and details of important physics events. Maybe one occurred near you.

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What significant happened this month in physics history? Read APS News history feature and find out!

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Astronaut and chemist Dr. Don Pettit sent physics demo video s directly from space to APS's PhysicsCentral website.
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