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Things Your Professor Will Never Tell You

Let's face it. Your thesis advisor may be an expert on how to get their job, but they probably aren't giving it to you. We will present several viewpoints from the school of hard knocks by physicists who have survived their first years beyond the degree and lived to tell about it. This is what we wish someone had told us before we started out.



  • The whole academic world - compare/contrast of different types of universities as well as the jump to an engineering department
  • Government lab jobs
  • Industry - from manufacturing to development

Rewards for Performance
Stefan Zollner, Motorola
Gray arrow  Rewards for Performance  Format - PDF

Introductions and Statistics
Heather Galloway, Associate Professor, Southwest Texas State University
Gray arrow  Introductions and Statistics  Format - PDF

Who should (and should not) be an academic scientist
Daniel Mittleman, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rice University
Gray arrow  Who should (and should not) be an academic scientist  Format - PDF

Survival Skills for a Career in Industry
Joanna Batstone, IBM Life Sciences Division
Gray arrow  Survival Skills for a Career in Industry  Format - PDF


Heather Galloway, APS Committee on Careers and Professional Development and Southwest Texas State University